Dr Joyce Willard Teal

Its OK to Be Different


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It’s O.K. to Be Different Zebie, a newborn zebra, is born with no stripes. Because Zebras are born with and identified by their stripes, as Zebie grows, he is unhappy about his stripelessness. Compounding this unhappiness, his playmates, Zill and Zim, tease him about his stripelessness. Zebie’s mother, Zue, and his grandmother, Zulia, have taught Zebie to ignore taunts about his stripelessness. They have taught him that It’s O.K. To Be Different. They have told him that no two zebras are exactly alike, that they all have similarities and they all have differences. Zebie usually feels better after these conversations with his mother and grandmother. Through conversations with Zim, one of Zebie’s playmates, Zebie learns that royal zebras, King Zavid and Queen Zuth, are bringing their daughter, Princess Zula, to Zee Land. They are bringing her to Zee Land to choose a prince to wed. Zebie asks his grandmother and learns more about the approaching royal visit. Zebie, like all of the other male zebras of marriageable age, is invited by the king and queen to the ball being given by them for their daughter. At this ball, Princess Zula will choose her prince. Zebie has misgivings about attending the ball. He fears ridicule by the princess when she witnesses his stripelessness. He does not know that the princess has already seen him. He does not know that the princess thinks that he is … Though Zebie is reluctant, his parents convince him that he must attend the ball. He does and …
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Dr. Joyce W. Teal

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