Dr Joyce Willard Teal

Just Do It, Kid


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Just Do It, Kid, the third volume in the Don’t Sweat It, Kid Series, completes the set. Like Volume 1 and Volume 2 in the series, Volume 3 can potentially point youth in a new and more positive direction. Also, like the previous two books, it has been written especially for youth who are entering or passing through their adolescent years. From this  phase  of life, youth  will  emerge  as adults. Each of the other life phases – infancy, toddler, young child and adolescence — are all temporary phases. The next and final phase, adulthood, is permanent. And the adult that each young person will become will be shaped by the child he or she was. For them to become adults of character, the kind of adults they currently admire, there are some things that they will have to be willing to do, and there are some things that they will have to refuse to do.  Adolescents’ belief systems and many of their life-long habits are already in place. Because this is so, how  they experience and deal with the successes and failures in their lives, and how they act and react to the frustrations and disappointments they encounter as an inevitable part of the living experience, will mold them into the adults they become. This is why it is so important that young people get a grip on the reality that they do not have to sweat the small stuff, and as has already been said, most of it is small stuff.

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