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Sister Its Not Okay


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Sister, It’s Not Okay Sister, there’s a lot of things in this world over which we have absolutely no control: what the weather will be like tomorrow, if an expected child will be male or female, if our jobs will be phased out; will the company downsize? In fact, I could fill this page, and probably a few others, with events which are absolutely beyond our control, and which are not okay, even though we may be negatively impacted by them. But there are some things in our lives over which we are able to exert a good deal of control. In the book, I will discuss just ten of these things that are not okay. No doubt I could fill this page, and quite a few others, with events over which we do have a measure of control that are not okay, but I consider the following ten The Top Ten. No doubt you can think of others which you would include in the top ten, but please consider the following Top Ten very seriously. Sister, it’s not okay to: (1) Have babies out of wedlock (2) Raise your grandchildren while your own, adult children party (live irresponsibly) (3) Keep able-bodied, adult children in your home, support and/or enable them (4) Keep and support a man (5) Support your child in a wrong (6) Talk negatively to your child about his absent father (7) Expect and/or allow someone else to raise your child (8) Let a man to whom you are not married spend the night in your home in your bed (especially with your child’s awareness) (9) Make your older child responsible for a younger brother and/or sister (10) Make welfare a way of life.
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Dr. Joyce W. Teal

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