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The Yield Book


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The Yield (Book I) The Rest of the Story (Book II) is about black male/female relationships and the people involved in those relationships. It is about joy and heartbreak. It allows numerous glimpses into the private lives of the courageous people who were willing to share their stories with the author. The Yield is written in two parts, Book I and Book II. Book I sets forth the initial scenario; Book II details the corresponding resolution of each of the initial scenarios introduced in Book I. It is a nonfiction writing though names and places have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of the real people to whom the stories belong. These people have suffered intense pain; many of them are still hurting. For their pain, for their bravery, for their willingness to share their private lives, it is the author’s hope, as well as the hope of the women who have shared their stories, that many others will be able to avoid the pitfalls and ensuing devastation. There are two ways to read the book: the traditional way from beginning to end, following the sequence of pages in numerical order, or you may prefer to move between the scenarios, reading the initial scenario in Book I and then its corresponding resolution in Book II. However you prefer please read it. You won’t be disappointed!
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